Moving into a new place when you have like, no money

Less than a week ago I moved into my new apartment! I love it, mainly because I’m pretty sure I have disorder in that I can’t live in the same place for longer than a few years (lately that’s shortened down to one year) and as much as I wanted to stay at my old flat, my body was just aching for a new one.

Moving into a new flat means I can start over – you know, “new year new me” or whatever.  It’s really a beautiful place, and makes me excited for this year instead of scared. My last flat was completely furnished so for this one I’ve had to buy a new bed/desk/etc, which – don’t get me wrong – I LOVE. The thing is, homegirl doesn’t have a lot to work with. And by that I mean, I am running low on money, honey.

I get paid fortnightly, which means that I’m living here for two weeks running on money that I made a while ago and blew off on meals out with friends and a cool contour/highlighter thing I got from Mac (which was about as much as 3 meals out). Not a smart move, and 90% regretting it.*

Thankfully, the hands-down greatest thing I discovered in 2014, Vic Deals has come to the rescue. It’s like Trade Me, but way less organised, and no fees.  I feel like you’re not really a Wellingtonian twenty-something if you don’t use Vic Deals. Anyway, I’ve bought most of my furniture from there, and resorted to limiting myself to zero meals outside of my kitchen and so far I’m definitely surviving.

Read: surviving, NOT thriving. Y’all, I want to thrive. “New year new me” can’t happen when all my things are in boxes because I can’t afford shelves to put them on. It also can’t happen when my lazy ass watches the whole season of This Is Us in two days. It also can’t happen when my heartbroken self is still trying to repair things with my ex. Haha.

Anyway, please cross your fingers and toes for me that a) I get my ass moving, b) my private students get back to me so I can teach them and make more $$, c) I have enough self-restraint not to buy that cool thing from K-Mart/Briscoes/Warehouse/etc, and d) I move on from my ex and stop waking up automatically missing him. D is probably pushing it, but what’s to lose from asking the internet to cross their fingers and toes for the sake of my bank account/mental health?




*the other 10% is because that food was good and I’m actually obsessed with the contour/highlighter



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