Well, here goes nothing.

Hello world,

I’m not really sure why I’ve opted to create a public platform in which I write about my life candidly and expect others to read and consume my writing…but here I am!

As my username (alextwentysomething) suggests, my name is Alex, and I am indeed a twenty-something — twenty-one, to be exact. That seems like I’m barely in my twenties, but I definitely feel the twenty-something weight of the world on my shoulders, and this now allows me nine whole years to run this blog, haha

A few things about me:

  • I’m a Filipina-New Zealander who went to high school in California, grew up in Auckland and now lives in Wellington – if you can’t tell already, I’m not one to sit still
  • I’m still at university, studying a BA in sociology and media studies, as well as a BMus in classical performance voice
  • The thing with studying classical performance voice is that I have to sing…a lot. And fun fact: I found out I have vocal nodules about 2 months ago!! Way to go, Alex! Now I’m resting my voice in the hopes of succeeding in my Honours year this year
  • Also 2 months ago, my relationship of a year and a half ended – it’s complicated.  I’ll probably tell you all about it in another post. All you need to know right now is that I’m still healing (and by healing I mean crying in my bed every night)
  • really like to psycho-analyse and self-reflect, and in some weird way I think putting all my thoughts into words on this blog might help me. Here’s hoping.

And if this blog actually doesn’t help me at all in my personal growth, then maybe some of you out there will at least learn a thing or two or at least get a kick out of the perils of my life (disclaimer: I am dramatic)

Here goes nothing!




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